This corner unit has a more unique and distinctive layout.  With a square shape to its floor plan, it seems to come with more flexibility of layout and a world of decorative possibilities.  It has the ability for single-level living, handicap accessibility, and choice bedroom and workroom options in the loft levels as in above.  This unit is premier and unforgettable. 

Each unit has been carefully planned and thoughtfully designed to maximize your interaction with the outdoors, efficiently use our natural resources, and consciously experience the refined story of reuse.  Some units have been expertly finished with purposeful products such as locally made cabinets, environmentally friendly countertops and tiles, NC manufactured appliances, low energy lighting, and of course original wood floors from the mill.  Other units have been left as a shell so that you may choose your own style of countertops, cabinets, tile, lighting fixtures, paint, etc.  Ultimately, the goal is for you to love where you live.  

The Lofts have been finished to a state of being your "blank canvas" (or technically speaking, warm white box) so that you may customize your own important preferences of cabinets, counter-tops, light fixtures, toilets and appliances.  This allows each home to become one you absolutely love.  Prices starting at $295k and up.  There are contractors available to help with each customization.